Agency Tools

If you have not yet registered for an Agency account, you can do so at – your Agency CODE ID will be your unique identifier for creating and managing your client accounts.

Review Eagle - Leverage The Power Of Customer Reviews

To create a new account, please enter the email address you wish assigned to manage the account. 

This email will be sent the password, so if you plan to manually manage this account for your client you should actually make this email one you control.

Suggestion: If your client is named “Joes Burgers” and your agency is named “”.   We recommend you manage it by using the email address of “

This way you can provide the login and password to your client, but maintain full control to help manage it for them (or you don’t even have to provide them the login details, and you can fully manage everything for them).

Create New Review Eagle Account

An email with the password will be sent to the admin email you select below.

    Note to maintain compliance – the only way to see or recover the password is via the email registered as the “admin email” above.  If you register using your customer’s email, only they will have access to login and connect to google, yelp, facebook unless they share the login with you.  Just be aware of this, and its due to compliance with our partner networks that all passwords are encrypted and only shared with the direct owner.