Five Best Review Management Systems for Getting 5-Star Reviews - We examine each to help your business get rid of bad reviews while getting more 5-star reviews

Five Best Review Management Systems for Getting 5-Star Reviews

Five Best Review Management Systems for Getting 5-Star Reviews - We examine each to help your business get rid of bad reviews while getting more 5-star reviews
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Online reviews are like the superhero of a business’s reputation. People rely on them a lot when they want to buy something or use a service. So, businesses not only need to collect reviews but also make sure they’re really good. Bad reviews can make a business look bad and lose customers. That’s where special computer programs called ‘review management software’ come in. They help businesses keep an eye on reviews, understand what people are saying, and make things better. These programs are like the wizards of good reputation!

Imagine if your business always got 5-star reviews, like gold stars in school. It would make your business look awesome, and more people would want to be your customers. Well, that’s not too far away! If you pick the right review management program, it can help make this dream come true.

Now, we’re going on an adventure to discover the best review management programs out there. These programs are like magical tools that help businesses get those shiny 5-star ratings. It doesn’t matter if you run a dentist’s office, a law firm, an online store, or fix things like plumbing or HVAC – our guide will help you find the perfect review management tool.

These amazing solutions are like the secret weapons that can turn any business into a 5-star hero. No matter if you’re just starting or a big business, get ready for an exciting journey as we find the special software that will make your business a star!

Online Reviews Bring Value To Business – But Only If Positive And Frequent

Online reviews are like the superhero sidekicks in the business world. When people want to buy something or get a service, they often check these reviews first. It’s like asking a friend for advice! That’s why businesses need to pay close attention to them.

But why are online reviews so important for businesses? Well, they’re like a stamp of approval. When people see lots of good reviews, they feel confident and trust the business. It’s like when your friends tell you a movie is awesome, and you want to see it too. But if there are bad reviews, it’s like your friends saying the movie is terrible – you’ll probably skip it.

Also, these reviews can make businesses famous on the internet. Search engines like Google look at how many good reviews a business has when they decide who should be at the top of the search results. So, if a business has lots of good reviews, more people will find them when they search online. Cool, right?

And there’s more! These reviews are like a treasure chest for businesses. Customers share what they loved and what they didn’t about a product or service. This helps businesses know what to improve. It’s like getting a report card with feedback to do better.

Lastly, these reviews can help businesses show up when people look for nearby places. So, if you want to find a great pizza place nearby, the one with the best reviews will pop up first. That’s why businesses ask customers to leave reviews and work hard to keep them happy. It’s like a secret code to getting more customers!

Review Eagle : Get More 5-Star Reviews Improve Your Reputation

Review Eagle Summary Highlights

  • Works for Sole Proprietors, Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Priced at $39/month and offers a free trial
  • Automates Authentic 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS), Email, QR Codes, and WhatsApp
  • Posts Reviews & Monitors Many Review Sites (22+ at the time of writing) including Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, Facebook, OpenTable, Amazon, Ebay, and more
  • Live-Streams 5-Star Reviews To Your Website To Increase Sales
  • AI Online Review Responder – Automates personalized responses to reviews on all review sites including Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, Facebook, and more
Review Eagle How It Works Video - See Review Management and Review Marketing

1. Review Eagle: ( This powerful review management software package is designed to streamline your review management process. With its AI-powered user-friendly interface, you can easily monitor and respond to customer reviews from popular platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. The Review Eagle software is fully cloud-based, so you don’t have to install anything on your phone or computer.  It also provides insightful analytics and reporting features, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your customers’ sentiments and preferences.

What sets Review Eagle apart from the competition is the unique combination of AI-powered automation and psychology to get more 5-star reviews from your customers.  Review Eagle markets itself as a Review Marketing platform, focused on not only building your 5-star reputation but also promoting your 5-star brand image across social media, live-streaming reviews to your own website, and across the internet by placing uniquely crafted reputation ads and reputation review videos on sites like USA Today, Reddit, Yahoo Mail, and over 50,000 other web sites. 

Review Eagle offers an industry-first AI Online Review Responder to help you respond to online customer reviews.  With The AI Review Responder, Review Eagle states that it enhances your branding, marketing efforts, and search engine optimization by crafting engaging responses to reviews.  You can generate personalized responses directly from their Review Management Software or your browser with just a few clicks. The AI-powered technology ensures that each response is tailored to the specific review, adding a personalized touch to customer engagement.  This technology helps deal with the inevitable negative review by engaging with a positive reply with directions on how to resolve the issue, which presents your business brand in a positive light handling negative messages in a professional, timely and personalized manner.  By engaging with reviews, potential new clients see your commitment and in turn will favor your brand when selecting a business.  

Review Eagle offers a robust agency model package that lets local and national agencies, web design firms, and business consultants manage an unlimited number of customers, unlimited web sites, unlimited reviews, and send an unlimited number of new reviews requests via fully automated sequences of email, text, whatsApp and QR codes for their clients.  What is unique about the agency model versus others in the industry is that there is an option to fully private label (whitelabel utilizes a generic domain name for your clients to access, versus private label which lets you use your own domain name for full branding under your agency!) the service to end clients.

Review Eagle focuses on connecting business clients to place 5-star reviews to the most popular review systems such as Google Business Profile, Opentable, Yelp, and Facebook – giving businesses in any category access to the right review network that works for their clients. 

Review Eagle is $39/month for unlimited reviews – and offers both a Free Trial and money-back guarantee, making it our top choice for businesses small and large.

Nicejob the reputation marketing software that turns your customers into vocal fans to grow your local business.

NiceJob Summary Highlights

  • $399 Setup Fee
  • Priced at $174/month
  • Automates Authentic 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS), Email, QR Codes, and WhatsApp
  • Collects 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS) and Email
  • Website widget to show reviews
  • Prescriptive AI features designed to provide insight into customer sentiment that
compare nicejob to revieeagle for review management
compare nicejob to revieeagle for review management

2NiceJob: is a review management platform designed to help businesses boost their online reputation and grow their customer base. It simplifies the process of gathering and showcasing customer reviews, making it easier for companies to leverage positive feedback for marketing purposes. NiceJob offers automation tools for requesting and publishing reviews on popular platforms, such as Google and Facebook. While it excels in reputation management, its comprehensive suite includes features for lead generation, customer follow-up, and website integration. However, users may encounter some learning curve and pricing considerations. Overall, NiceJob empowers businesses to build trust, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive growth through the power of authentic reviews.

Nicejob combines website features, SEO and reputation management into its offering – and has the ability to offer tracking for referrals, staff leaderboards for tracking success, and even offers content writing tools to engage your customers.   If you already have a website, and do not want their full service there is a basic plan for that as well.

 Utilizing NiceJob for review management and reputation enhancement has some potential drawbacks beyond pricing. Firstly, the platform, while user-friendly, may still require some initial time and effort for businesses to fully integrate into their workflows. Additionally, while NiceJob excels in collecting and showcasing customer reviews, it may not provide the same breadth of marketing and customer engagement features as some other platforms.

The nicejob platform’s design and features are tailored primarily for companies that offer services, such as contractors, cleaners, and consultants. This specialization might result in limited relevance and functionality for businesses in different sectors. Professionals or non-service-based companies may find that NiceJob’s emphasis on job-related reviews and reputation management doesn’t align with their specific needs. Consequently, it may lack the versatility and adaptability required for businesses in these diverse industries, making it less ideal for their reputation management and marketing strategies.

Nicejob is the only provider with a required setup fee, of $399, plus $174/month for their most popular plan which offers website services and tools, and reputation management. : Transform All Feedback into Fuel for Growth within One Platform Summary Highlights

  • custom location pages to help enhance SEO for businesses
  • Priced at $300+/month if you will sit through an hour-long demo call to find out
  • Collects 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS) and Email
  • Website widget to show reviews
  • Prescriptive AI features designed to provide insight into customer sentiment that
how does compare to review eagle?
how does compare to review eagle?

 3. : If you operate a multi-location business, this review management software package is a good fit. It allows you to manage and respond to reviews across all your locations from a centralized platform. You can also set up automated review request campaigns to encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews, boosting your overall rating. offers a number of reputation services including Surveys, Review Management, and Marketing services. Currently,c with a 3.8 Rating on Trustpilot, has struggled with its clients and end users alike. offers custom location pages to help enhance SEO for businesses with multiple map locations, as well as customized search widgets and messaging tools that go beyond just collecting 5-star reviews.

Newly added is Prescriptive AI features designed to provide insight into customer sentiment that breaks down all customer feedback in real-time to analyze the trends and prioritize key actions. also provides competitive Intelligence to help uncover hidden insights about any competitor and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The cost for can be relatively high, making it less accessible for small businesses with limited budgets. The platform’s complexity and the need for training to effectively use its features may pose a challenge, particularly for smaller teams or those unfamiliar with reputation management tools.’s automated monitoring systems might occasionally flag legitimate positive reviews as suspicious, leading to their removal, which can be frustrating for businesses. averages around $300/month and full pricing is only available after signing up for an hour phone call and discussion and potential NDA signature.  Based on independent reviews the average being paid by businesses for is $300/month but like buying a used car, they need to first meet with you to discuss and customize a price that best fits your budget.  

Podium: Get more leads. Make more money 

Podium Summary Highlights

  • Focus on service industry for a full CRM and Lead Gen system
  • Priced at $249/month and up
  • Collects 5-Star Reviews 
  • Review Monitoring and Alerts
  • Focused on larger organizations with multi-person sales teams and multi locations
how does Podium compare to review eagle for review management service.
how does Podium compare to review eagle for review management service.

4. Podium: is a review management software package specifically designed for businesses in the service industry. It enables you to collect and manage reviews from multiple platforms, communicate with customers via text messaging, and even schedule appointments. With Podium, you can streamline your review management process and provide excellent customer service.  With real-time notifications, you can promptly respond to both positive and negative reviews, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Podium focuses on other items than just reputation management with its software, such as providing a website chat widget along with other lead capture forms, click to call and features focused on helping you convert visitors into customers.  While the focus is on any business with a website, the tools integrate more for organizations with mature sales operations.

Using Podium for customer communication and online reputation management comes with some potential drawbacks beyond its pricing. Firstly, the platform’s learning curve can be quite steep, requiring significant time and effort to fully grasp and integrate into existing workflows. Some businesses might find the heavy emphasis on text messaging less suitable for their customer demographics or industries, limiting its effectiveness as a communication channel. Additionally, while Podium excels in managing online reviews, it may not offer the same depth of marketing and customer engagement features as some competitors, necessitating the use of additional tools for comprehensive online presence management.   Podium is not suitable for smaller organizations and more focused on medium and large organizations due to the lead capture workflows and automations which work best for an organization with a mature internal CRM and sales team process.

Podium starts at $249/mo with limited numbers of contacts and team members, as well as an unlimited package for $599/mo package.  

Yotpo Turn one-time shoppers into brand advocates real influencers

Yotpo Summary Highlights

  • Focused on Online Stores and Ecommerce Sites
  • Priced at $119/month and up
  • Automates Authentic 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS), Email, QR Codes, and WhatsApp
  • Collects 5-Star Reviews via Text (SMS) and Email
  • Website widget to show reviews
compare yotpo to revieweagle for review management features
compare yotpo to revieweagle for review management features

 5. Yotpo:  as a review management software package that focuses on generating authentic customer reviews for online ecommerce stores with a large suite of marketing and reputation products. Its automated review request system encourages customers to leave feedback, helping you build a strong online reputation. Yotpo also offers customizable review widgets and social sharing features, allowing you to showcase positive reviews and attract more customers.  Another stand out with this service is the robust reporting and benchmarking capabilities. It enables you to track your review performance against industry competitors, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to outshine your rivals. The software also provides customizable dashboards and reports, allowing you to present key metrics to stakeholders easily. 

Yotpo integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms and apps to add even more power to your marketing – and focuses on driving success with those engaged clients (using them for influence to others by leveraging their reviews and displaying them on a widget for your online store). 

Yotpo’s suite of features can be extensive and complex, requiring a learning curve that might be challenging for businesses with limited technical expertise. Additionally, Yotpo’s emphasis on collecting and displaying user-generated content may not align with every business’s marketing strategy or target audience, potentially limiting its compatibility in certain industries or niches. The platform’s automation and AI-driven features can sometimes misinterpret or filter out legitimate content, causing frustration for both businesses and customers. Furthermore, while Yotpo excels in gathering and showcasing customer reviews, it may not provide the same breadth of marketing and engagement tools as other platforms, necessitating the use of supplementary solutions for a well-rounded online presence strategy. =

Yotpo specializes in online stores, which may not align with the needs of service businesses, professionals, hospitality, restaurants, and other non-e-commerce-oriented industries. Yotpo’s core features are tailored primarily for e-commerce businesses, emphasizing product reviews and user-generated content related to online shopping experiences. This specialization can result in limited applicability for businesses outside the e-commerce realm. Service providers, professionals, and restaurants, for instance, may find that Yotpo’s focus on product-related reviews and reputation management doesn’t cater to their unique requirements.

Yutpo starts at $119/month for their Prime plan which offers the ability to post reviews to Google for 250 monthly orders, and scales to $469/mo for up to 10,000 monthly orders.

Essential Features to Look for in a Review Management Software Package

Effective management of online reviews hinges on having the right software package. Regardless of whether you’re steering a small enterprise or overseeing a vast corporation, investing in review management software can transform your operations and elevate the customer experience. However, in a market brimming with options, choosing the ideal one can be a daunting task. To empower your decision-making process, here are the key features to seek in a review management software package.

1. Review Monitoring and Aggregation: A critical feature to consider is the software’s ability to monitor and aggregate reviews from diverse platforms, including popular ones like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more. A unified dashboard that consolidates all your reviews simplifies your workflow, enabling timely responses to customer feedback.

2. Sentiment Analysis: Beyond gathering reviews, understanding the sentiments expressed is crucial. Look for a software package that offers sentiment analysis capabilities, utilizing natural language processing to categorize reviews as positive, negative, or neutral. This insight allows you to identify areas for improvement and address issues proactively.

3. Review Response Management: Timely responses to customer reviews are vital for maintaining a positive online reputation. Select software that enables direct responses to reviews from within the platform, streamlining your review management process and ensuring no feedback goes unattended.

4. Review Generation and Campaign Management: To enhance your online presence and garner more positive reviews, consider software with review generation and campaign management features. These features enable proactive review requests from customers and the launch of targeted review campaigns. Features like customizable review request templates, automated reminders, and campaign analytics can help track success.

5. Competitor Analysis: Keeping an eye on your competitors’ online reputation can provide valuable insights. Seek software that offers competitor analysis capabilities, including monitoring their reviews, ratings, and sentiment. Understanding your competitive position allows you to make informed decisions to stay ahead.

6. Analytics and Reporting: To measure the effectiveness of your review management efforts, opt for software with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities. Features like review volume trends, average ratings, sentiment analysis reports, and customer satisfaction scores provide valuable insights to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Review Management System for Your Business

In conclusion, the significance of online reviews for businesses cannot be overstated. They provide social proof, impact search engine visibility, offer valuable feedback, and influence local search results. To leverage these benefits, it’s crucial to actively manage your online reviews and aim for positive feedback.

When selecting review management software for your business, consider features like its ability to generate 5-star reviews, monitor and respond to reviews across platforms, integration capabilities, scalability, and pricing. To make an informed decision, explore several software packages through free trials or demonstrations. Finding the right software fit can unlock success and ensure your business maintains an outstanding online reputation.

Review Eagle is a leading provider of automated online review management empowering businesses of all sizes to enhance their online reputation, increase customer trust, and drive growth through the power of authentic customer reviews. Review Eagle’s innovative platform automates and streamlines the review collection process, leverages social proof, and boosts conversions to help businesses stay ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape. If your business is ready to grow with more authentic 5-star reviews, contact us at 518-240-1833 or

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