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Review Eagle Unveils AI-Powered White-Label Reputation Management Agency for Resellers

Review Eagle announces White Label Online Reputation Management Service, empowering agencies and resellers with AI-driven features like automated 5-Star Review collection, Live-Streaming Reviews, and Retargeting Advertising. Catering to the booming $1 billion online reputation industry, this turnkey solution allows agencies and resellers to harness the market's potential under their unique brand identity, providing reputation management services backed by Review Eagle’s AI-powered industry-leading technology and features.
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Review Eagle, the leading provider of Review Management Solutions, announced the launch of its AI-powered White Label Online Reputation Management service. Aimed at revolutionizing how agencies and resellers manage and grow their clients’ online reputations, Review Eagle Agency provides a turnkey solution under a unique brand identity.  Review Eagle Agency is equipped with a suite of groundbreaking Online Reputation Management features including AI Review Responder, Live-Streaming 5-star Reviews, and recently released Pro tier services that include the Retargeting Advertising system which promotes clients’ 5-star reputation brand across 50,000+ sites such as ESPN, Reddit, Facebook, CNN and more.

The Review Eagle Agency service offers turnkey done-for-you online reputation management services that any Reseller, Agency, or entrepreneur can utilize to deliver a high-in-demand service that helps businesses grow from any industry.  Any business that benefits from a 5-star reputation is the perfect opportunity for anyone using Review Eagle Agency to sell reputation services.  The entire service is white-labeled and cloud-based so agencies and resellers can instantly start delivering valuable reputation services to their clients without installing or configuring any software.  Review Eagle’s set-it-and-forget-it strategy of simplicity and automation means that Agencies and resellers can sit back and enjoy a worry-free service delivery of one of the hottest and most in-demand services for businesses.

“Launching our White Label Online Reputation Management Solution marks a pivotal moment not just for Review Eagle but for the entire online reputation industry.  Review Eagle at its core is about helping businesses succeed – and with Review Eagle Agency we now believe we can ultimately help more businesses by partnering with agencies and Resellers that will help us deliver on our mission.” Stated Adam Wills, Founder of Review Eagle.  “Our AI-powered technology combined with the strategies we have coded into Review Eagle, makes our platform the most effective in the industry at delivering more 5-star reviews and leveraging that reputation to help sell and convert more potential clients.”

Built from the ground up, Review Eagle incorporates the latest technologies, including the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The automation capabilities save businesses valuable time and double the rate of 5-star Review collecting. Review Eagle’s core reputation management platform automatically directs clients to leave 5-star reviews with Google, Facebook, and Yelp in under 30 seconds. Review Eagle provides built-in tools to display authentic 5-star reviews on a brand’s website and social media presence.  Additionally, the retargeting advertising system that is built in for Agencies will project your client’s 5-star brand directly across the Internet on the most popular web destinations such as ESPN, and Facebook. CNN and many more with a specialized focus on a brand’s outstanding reputation to generate higher conversions.

Own Your Own SaaS Company

Join the world of software entrepreneurship by leveraging Review Eagle Agency’s robust and AI-powered platform. With the online reputation management market valued at over $1 billion and projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% through 2030, Review Eagle Agency offers the opportunity to establish a new, sustainable revenue stream for any reseller or existing agency.

Review Eagle Agency bundles many features to help agencies and resellers succeed including:

Unlimited Clients- One Low Price: Review Eagle Agency includes ALL FEATURES and an unlimited number of clients with your monthly Agency subscription.  This means you can offer free trials, lifetime pricing deals, monthly or annual subscriptions, or any bundle plan with your existing product(s) or services that you see fit.  Your costs do NOT change if you add 500 clients or 50 clients, as all features and unlimited accounts are included already for you.

Turnkey Website and Sales Assets: Gain access to a professionally crafted sales website, high-converting promotional banner ads, videos, and ready-made email sequences.  Also included are social media promotional images and message templates.

Dedicated Support: Benefit from a specialized support team solely dedicated to our White Label Agency partners.

Hands-Free Operations: Everything from hosting to software development, security updates, and partnership integrations is taken care of. This is a done-for-you turnkey service.

Pricing Power: Set your own pricing, whether standalone or bundled with your existing services as an agency, IT company, or reseller, or if you are just starting out launching your first online business – you are in total control.  Competitors charge $299/mo for far less than what you have the ability to provide on the Review Eagle AI-powered agency service platform.

Client Control:  Your clients have access to a white-label cloud-based intuitive online portal. Your clients will never know who is behind the technology – they are your clients, and as far as they see you are providing everything for them.

Review Eagle Agency offers a service that is in demand across a multitude of industries. Whether you currently offer digital, marketing, or IT services, you can easily integrate Review Eagle into your existing business model to broaden your client base and make them more loyal to sticking around with you as you deliver more services and value to them.

Review Eagle Agency is the game-changing turnkey white-label reputation management platform to claim your part of the over $1B industry.  With its advanced AI technology, not only will you and your clients save time, but your clients will dramatically increase their 5-star review collection rate by over 50%. Review Eagle Agency offers the best-in-class reputation management platform combined with reputation marketing features that deliver undeniable results.  Your clients will love you for providing this service because it solves the biggest problem every business face, getting more clients and conversions!

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Review Eagle is available for businesses seeking to elevate their online presence and drive business growth. For more information and to start experiencing the power of Review Eagle, visit their website at

About Review Eagle

Review Eagle is a leading Review Management and Marketing platform that provides businesses with an innovative and automated solution for obtaining authentic 5-Star Reviews. Combining technology, strategy, and psychology, Review Eagle empowers businesses to boost their online reputation, attract new customers, and foster growth. With a focus on simplicity, automation, and proven results, Review Eagle is the go-to platform for businesses looking to maximize the impact of customer reviews.

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