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Getting Started

  • How is Review Eagle Different Than Other Review Management Services?
    Review Eagle has combined technology, strategy, and psychology into a fully automated system in a way that drives more Authentic 5-Star Reviews and helps your business grow. What sets Review Eagle apart as the leading review management platform is its remarkable simplicity combined with powerful automation and growth strategies. However, the true magic lies in Review Eagle's ability to leverage automated review marketing, harnessing the tremendous potential of viral marketing to skyrocket your business. Built from the ground up with cutting-edge technology, including the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI), Review Eagle's automation not only saves you valuable time but also significantly increases your collection rate of 5-star reviews by over 50%. Our proven strategy and psychology utilize technology to effectively request and gather more reviews from your clients. We automate the process of soliciting reviews through customized pre-written follow-up messages, employing a tried-and-true formula via Email, Text Messaging, and WhatsApp. Setting an industry-first standard, our automated AI plugin empowers you to respond to and engage with customer reviews across all platforms seamlessly. By showcasing your interactions with reviews, potential clients are influenced, leading to satisfied customers and, in turn, generating more referrals. Review Eagle streamlines the management and marketing of your authentic 5-star reviews, maximizing your brand reputation. This allows you to save valuable time, enabling you to focus on running your business while benefiting from the most potent strategies for reputation growth, strategies that have been proven time and again to deliver tangible results.
  • What is online reputation management software?
    Imagine having a special tool on the internet that helps make your business look great and trustworthy to people who might become your customers. This tool is like a magic wand for getting good reviews. It lets you ask your current and past customers to say nice things about your business online. It also helps you keep track of what people are saying about your business on different websites. Plus, it uses these reviews in the right places where your future customers are sure to see them
  • Why is online reputation management important?
    Did you know that almost all customers check out reviews on the internet before buying something? It's like asking friends for advice! There's a special tool called an online review helper that makes you look really trustworthy to these customers by showing them good reviews. It's like having a superhero friend for your business! This tool also makes your business easier to find on Google, so even more customers can discover it.
  • What are the key features of Review Eagle
    With Review Eagle you will skyrocket your Authentic 5-Star Reviews and win more business - this is due to the software automation, psychology, and design of the system.  The Key features are that we repeatedly communicate with your clients via multiple channels (Email, Text, WhatsApp, and Signage in your store/invoice) to get their feedback.  We convert that feedback into 5-star reviews publicly.  We live-stream those great reviews across the internet and on your web site to promote your brand and get you more customers through the power of social trust.
  • How Much Does Review Eagle Cost?
    Review Eagle starts as low as $39/month - and we offer a FREE TRIAL too!  Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on top of our FREE TRIAL offer, so there is every reason you should take action now and start building your 5-star reputation today.
  • Can I exclude bad reviews from my review campaigns?
    While you can showcase just your great reviews on your website, and when promoting your brand - we think it's best to ask all your customers for reviews because that way, your online reputation shows what all your customers really think. It's like showing the true colors of your business. People know that no business is perfect, and having a few not-so-good reviews actually makes your business seem real. If you only ask happy customers, it's like you're trying to hide something, and that's not a good idea.  So with Review Eagle we ask all customers for feedback and provide automation an AI tools so you can engage with (and turn around to positive feedback) even the bad reviews.
  • Should I offer incentives in exchange for reviews?
    We want to tell you not to give rewards to people in exchange for reviews. Even though it might seem like a good idea to get more good reviews, it can cause some big problems later. People these days are smart, and they can tell when someone's trying to trick them into writing a good review. That can make them not trust your business anymore. Also, Google doesn't like it when businesses give rewards for reviews. If Google finds out, they might stop showing your business on their site, and that can be really bad for your business.
  • Should I send my customers reminders to leave reviews?
    With Review Eagle, we automate and take care of reminding your customers to leave a Review.  In fact, that is the core of our product - we use a proven strategy with follow-up across email, SMS/Text, and WhatsApp (as well as QR codes you can place in your store, or on business cards/invoices) to give your customers gentle reminders to provide their feedback.    So yes, reminding a customer to provide feedback (and ultimate a review) is something we recommend - and we take care of everything for you so you don't have to!
  • What is the best time to respond to reviews?
    You should reply to a review, even if it's good or bad, within one day. This helps stop problems from getting worse on places like social media, and it shows that your brand cares about what customers say. With Review Eagle you can quickly and easily respond to all reviews via our online dashboard.  With just 1 click you can reply to reviews across 23+ platforms all from one spot, and thanks to our new AI Online Review Responder, you can create engaging, personalized responses in 1-click for both good and bad reviews.   It is very important to reply to reviews, especially bad reviews so that future clients see your company as a leader and professional organization.  Review Eagle makes replying to reviews simple and easy.
  • How should I deal with negative reviews?
    Sometimes, you might get a not-so-nice review, and that's okay because you can't make everyone happy all the time. What you should do first is reply to the not-so-nice review in a friendly and understanding way. Then, if you can fix the problem, try to make things better as soon as possible. After that, you can ask the person who left the not-so-nice review if they would consider changing it to a nicer one.  Review Eagle's AI Online Review Responder automates this process for you to respond to the bad review you in a way that will address the issue, take ownership and apologize, and offer a solution with a helping hand.  This format of professional response to a bad review can turn the review into a sales tool in the future because future potential clients will see how you handle things and know you are a quality firm that cares for its clients, and favor you over other businesses that are not engaging and responding to reviews.
  • How can I get rid of spam or defamatory reviews?
    If you see reviews that are not true or are mean on websites like Google or Facebook, you can tell those websites about it. They will check and might remove those reviews if they're not real.
  • How Do I Remove Bad Reviews?
    Removing bad reviews is typically not possible directly, but If you see reviews that are defamatory or fake on websites like Google or Facebook, you can tell those websites about it. They will check and might remove those reviews if they're not real. But legitimate bad reviews can't be removed.  However, Review Eagle's strategy has 2 parts for dealing with Bad Reviews that can actually improve your reputation and win more new customers because of how you handle things. First, we provide our AI Online Review Responder technology that will craft a personalized response that accepts responsibility, apologizes for the situation, and actually offers a resolution path publicly.  This shows your company as professional, customer service focused, and a leader in your industry - and thus future potential clients see how you responded and feel safe selecting your company knowing if they have any trouble or issues they will be greeted with kindness, professionalism and genuine care.  This can actually have more power to influence buyers than multiple 5-star reviews and is a powerful strategy that essentially removes that bad review from the minds of potential clients going forward. Second, by responding and engaging with the client - and directing them to your service team, you get a second chance to turn their experience around.  Once you do that you ask them to revise their review online.  In cases where they revise their review to positive, you can see genuine results because future customers see that your organization is a customer focused team to work with.
  • Why should I market my reviews?
    Think of online reviews as digital advertising currency for businesses today. When you show your 5-star reviews in places where people can see them, such as your website, and social media, and even using banner ads and videos in retargeting advertising campaigns it will drastically increase conversions and sales for your business.   Your positive reputation and 5-star reviews help potential clients trust your business more, see your brand better, and ultimately bring in more customers. Review Eagle specializes in this concept - we call it Reputation Marketing (rather than just Reputation Management).  We curate your 5-star reviews and show case them on your website via live-streaming right where clients will see it.  We also provide you the tools and ability to promote the 5-star reviews right on Social Media.  And those on our Pro plan get access to the ultimate level of reputation marketing service with custom-made reputation videos and reputation banner ads that showcase your authentic 5-star reviews across the Internet (50,000+ websites like USA Today, Yahoo Mail, Reddit, and more!) using our Retargeting technology.
  • Can I hide and remove negative reviews from showing up on my website?
    You can select which reviews to showcase on your website live stream, for instance, you can select to only show reviews 4 stars and above or only the newest reviews.  You have complete control over what to select for display on your own website.
  • What is the Difference Between Review Eagle GROWTH and Review Eagle PRO plans?
    The difference between those 2 plans is that the PRO plan comes with the Reputation Marketing Retargeting System, The 23-Size High-Converting Banner Ads, and the 5,000 monthly impressions on our retargeting network. Otherwise, the plans have the same core features to build and market your 5-star reputation, the AI Review Responder, and the Reputation Management Dashboard.  For more details on the features Of the PRO plan see Review Eagle PRO Plan - Market Your 5-Star Reputation
  • Does Review Eagle have an Affiliate program?
    Yes! We have an Affiliate program that offers up to $100 per referral.  Our Affiliate program is free to signup and open to anyone who has a passion about helping businesses get a 5-star reputation!  To Signup see Review Eagle Affiliate Program - Earn $100 Per Referral
  • Does Review Eagle have a Reseller or Agency Program?
    Yes! We have a Reputation Management Agency package that lets you sell a complete white-label edition of Review Eagle to your own clients.  You can view more and signup at Reputation Management Agency - White Label Online Reputation (revieweagle.com)